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tv   FOX 45 News at 500  FOX  October 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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curse, you can't tell raunchy jokes. so my assumption is that the only reason that a 20 -- how old is joe jonas. why would joe jonas be around a salt and peer coach. he's older. if he's getting high and has a little problem at this point, i'm not surprised. the tip-off to the foreshadowing of sometimes doing drugs allegedly might be the purity rings. like to me when you meet something -- sorry -- okay. i'm going to be very frank with you. there they are with the purity rings. do they look like they wanted to wear the purity rings or something told them, look, you're role models, you want to keep making dough, don't you, so put these on. there are two things that are kind of tip-offs to me, no disrespect to anybody watching. all i'm saying is if a young person is wearing a purity ring,
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mm-hmm, so what are you really up to or will be up to, and then when you find religion like all of a sudden. like when you all of a sudden find religion, you're like, okay, what just happened. you know what i mean? anyway, but they did wear their purity rings which probably wasn't the best idea. unlike rihanna, jonas brothers have already stepped up and taken that title. the thing about rihanna is rihanna tells you exactly who she is and if you don't like it, oh well. and i'm not saying -- i'm not saying that who she is needs to be somebody that we all approve of, but at least she lays her cards out on the table. when people do that holier than,000 thing, that's when you can poke holes in their story and you can be shocked when you see them walking around with a sober coach.
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good luck to joe jonas. should the brothers get back on the tour? yeah, maybe. hansen was still touring and that song is cit. i mean these boy bands tour, you know, 98 degrees and all the rest of them. they should tour. they're 25, 23, and the youngest is 21. the oldests married to that girl danielle and they're on the reality show and they're expecting a baby so he doesn't have time really. one of e best things that could have happened to him is the tour canceled. i'm sure dani is happy he's home. to you, joe, i wish you well. and to your hot sober coach, hey. everybo
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everybody. we are only two weeks away from a scandalous new season of "the real housewives of atlanta." and just based on the clip because i've only seen the clip. i have not yet gotten the episode to really tell you about what's going on. but just based on the clip, it's going to be more dramatic than f. it's our "hot clip of the day." let's watch. >> i wish i could have the old one back. >> is that hot milk warm? >> did she offer you fellatio? >> i'm done. be real clear >> you rubbed each girl wrong. [ bleep ]
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[ bleep ] her with the [ bleep ]. i'll drag you in this [ bleep ]. >> wendy: you know it's going to be good when it ends in an ambulance ride. yes, it looks like the same hot mess that we love. candy, you look like you've stepped it up. i hate to say this. terrible, terrible. i mean it was just last season that i was thinking that candy needs to, you know, get off the show, but all of a sudden she's really turned it up in a screaming way. and then it's candy's mom who
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thisks and then peter who has money problems. remember how he'll have a hair-brained scheme, they'll have to pool their money and open a business, the business will end and there she goes. cindy will have to deal with a man who's angry over having lost a business. then what's going on with pora? >> hey, there, portia. what's pora doing? enjoying the single life. i can't wait. "the real hoewives of atlanta" returns sunday, november 3rd. you guys, things are really looking up for lamar odom. i know. well, according to "e! news" after the alleged drug allegation, i'm proud to say, lamar has beensober for a week.
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last time we talked about him, he was sober for two days. sobriety is one day at a time. he's focusing on getting healthy. i hear he's hoping to get his old life back. i hear a couple of nba teams are calling him. he still has a viable life in the nba. i heard they were talking that oprah wants him to do something on her show. i don't like that. i mean dr. drew was qualified and he could barely contain the celebrities which is why he's not rehabbing the celebrities anymore. to my best knowledge, you know, because i'm an oprahnista i never heard her say she comes from a placef addiction. food doesn't count.
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i don't know. the lindsay thing is good but pleenlt don poli please don't. it's not a good idea. i like "super soul sunday" and sweetie pie. in the meantime chloe has been spending a lot of time with the rapper of the gang. no look. first of all, all people seem to talk about is lamar's rumored allegeddrug problem. everybody forgets about the one, two, thr so far women that i legendly have been with him in a romantic way, okay? now let's keep this in perspecti perspective. if chloe and the game are getting down, she has every
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right. i mean first of all, i know the game. us big girls, we love the game. game is nice and tall. he stands over us. and he's got this thick growl in his voice that just, you know. he's got that little hood swagger to him, you know. so i think that he at least hit it once. at least once. i mean the game claims that she's like a sister to him, and lamar says that, no, because game is his homey. how many homeys do you know would smash you if your husband turned his back and you let it happen, okay? lamar, please don't be naive. they did it at least once in my
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mind. i mean chloe is in the prime of her clowehloedom. she's looking great. that picture is way too close for anyone with a married man. who takes a picture like that. and i found several pictures of them wre they looked just too close. isn't it cute? and isn't she cute? >> yes. >> wendy: and doesn't she have a right? >> yeah. >> wendy: lamar, don't be naive. hey, chloe. hi, game. besides, i always think if a woman is friends with a guy and they're both too good looking, somebody has done something to each other so they can break the
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tension and get that out of the way and then they can be like brother and sister but they've got to get that out of the way. we can talk about that all day. flow me on facebook. i'll answer back. so angelina and brad's son asked the recently dreaded question, mom, dad, who is jennifer aniston? this is why the fish show was invented. you are so my people. i gagd when i heard this story. okay. maddux is now 12 years d and apparently maddux's friend showed him an article on his cell phone about his dad's
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ex-wife jennifer aniston. angelina was reportedly so stunned that she ran out of the room and made brad go in there and ta to your son. and reportedly at their compound they have block alert on everything having to do with like who is jennifer aniston. like why do you all block? i'm talking in general. i'm just one woman talking but what is the point in blocking porn? they can blowatch it at their friends' house. what's the point of blocking jennifer aniston? they can watch it at their friends' house. what is the point of blocking when all they have to do is up block. do you think that kids need that kind of filter? i think they should have sat the boy down when he was like 11 years old. 10 might be too young. 11 years old.
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and they should have talked to him together. and you know how kids are. they have a short attention span. he'd be asking you questions for three days and then he'd be back to playing pokey mon. it wouldn't go on and on. but i think the initial conversation, you know, should be had together by them and then separately if the boy wants to ask questions and such. why don't you let jennifer aniston explain to maddux who jennifer aniston is. this is going to be good. anyway, let's move along. all right. so jennifer love hewitt, you know i love you girl. please don't chase this one away. well, jennifer loves love. she's friends with the show. she loves love. she has no problem telling you that. she's dated a lot of guys. she's got one of the hottest
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bodies in hollywood, one of the most beautiful giggles and personality from what we know having her here. i've socialized with her. she seems like fun. i can't figure out why a girl like this has to go through so many boyfriends before finding a guy. this is the guy. this is her baby's father and one of the co-stars on her television show, but reportedly he's not being very supportive during her pregnancy. well, i was reading in "star" magazine that brian won't stop rowdiness during the pregnancy. what do i mean by rowdiness? i mean the drinking. okay. sources say allegedly that jennifer has gone months without a drink obviously because she's pregnant and briep won't stop. why should he? i'm sorry. why should he? i mean, all right. we'll do it by claps. clap if you think a guy should
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stop drinking also while a woman is pregnant. clap. you know what? you're more my people than i thought i'd be. i swear i thought this was going to be a big debate. see, jennifer, if you keep up that behavior, you're going to chase another one away. stop. let him have fun. you can make up for lost time after you finish breast-feeding and stuff. good luck, jen. all right, everyone. we have a great show for you. hollywood has a new great one and her name is chloe grace moretz. she's starring in the new hit movie "carrie." but up next we have to see what'sididid about some of our favorite celebrities. don't miss it.
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>> wendy: welcome back. if you think i'm opinionated, then wait till you hear what the streets are saying about some of our favorite celebrities in our first edition of "street talk." take a look. >> miley cyrus should definitely hook up with justin bieber because they look exactlythe same. >> i would hook miley cyrus up if seth row began or someone that look as lot like seth row began. >> i would hook miley cyrus up with trinidad jams because i feel it's ratchet on ratchet all day. >> i would hook her up with dr. drew because let's face it. that's where all this is going anyway. >> she needs steven.
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>> i'd definitely want patrice alba. summer, spring, or fall, he is hot, hot, hot. >> if i was trapped o a deserted island, i would probably want donald trump with me because he has his own helicopter. >> elvis. white people are looking for him now so they would be looking for him then. >> i would want ben affleck because he's going to be batman and he could rescue me. >> if i was trapped on a deserted island, i'd want to be with coay west because he's evil and mean and he would kill a lot of animals. i'm always hungry. >> i think i would want chelsea chandler as my wingwoman.
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>> i would want channing tatum because we could do choreographed dance moves. >> i would want scarlet johann s johansson because she would get all the hot men and i would get the seconds. >> the streets are always talking and we're listening. up next, the star of the new "carrie" movie
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>> wendy: our first guest has been called hollywood's new it girl. she's on the cover of this month's "seventeen." and ""w" magane. this year you can see her in the remake of "carrie." take a look. >> mama, please don't do this. there will be a judgment. >> carrie.
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>> wendy: please welcome chloe grace moretz. hi. >> hi. oh, my gosh. how you doin'. >> wendy: how you doin'. >> how you doin'. oh, my gosh. i can't tell you. i'm freaking out right now. >> wendy: you're freaking out right now? i've never met the it girl on two magazines with a movie out. thank you for coming. >> thank you for allowing me to be here. my god. >> wendy: how does it feel to be 16 and have the world in the palm of your hands? >> i don't have it. i mean my mom's over there saying, chloe, you definitely don't have it in the palm of your hands. >> wendy: i know. hi, mom. and she's over there with your brother? >> yes. >> wendy: very nice.
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is she your manager? >> no. but she's defact toe. she and my brother. >> wendy: look out, hollywood. the waters can be very bumpy. i like how you look on both of the magazines. is the cover of "w" -- you hear "w" and you think of high end clothing. but your mom doesn't let you buy nothing. >> a pack of gum. >> wendy: if she would let you spend it on one thing, what would it be? >> ber kens. >> wendy: 16 in california. do you drive? >> i should drive. i don't. >> wendy: people drive you.
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your brothers. you smell good. >> thank you. >> wendy: i smell it way over here. i don't like to ask what are you wearing because scent is so personal but what are you wearing? >> i wear gucciguilty and flower bomb. >> wendy: you buy some things. >> i wear my mom's perfume. >> wendy: one day you'll be off on your own. let's talk about where it all got started. the action movie "kick-ass," you were in that, and i know the boys -- you played an action -- it is an action movie. boys, boys, boys. they're watching you. are you dating? >> oh. oh. welcome, wendy. okay. am i? >> wendy: i haven't heard
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anything. are you -- do you want to stick to that? >> well, you never know. >> wendy: i know that you're working a lot but i also know that you're a very cute girl, but we also read every magazine and watch every news show on tv and i've never seen you falling out of a party or doing something bad so your mom is doing something right. >> i would say so. if not, i wouldn't be here right now. >> wendy: do you go to a pub like high school or high school? >> i've been home schooled since i was 9. >> wendy: do you miss the camaraderie of kids your own age? >> to be honest, i didn't deal with the best of when i was in school. >> wendy: what does that mean? >> i was in the correctional institution. no, no. i think that a lot of people misunderstood me because of what i wanted to do and i would think that acting somebody would have
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wanted to be your friend which is kind of silly anyway but it actually made them look at me like almost this outsider. >> wendy: where at? >> l.a. >> wendy: really. they were confused about that. chloe has been in over 30 movies, so her career -- yes, yes. and this "carrie" thing is a big deal. many of us grow up with sissy spacek and we remember all the scenes, the blood and everything. how does it feel to have the weight of making an iconic character over? >> it's definitely very nerve-racking. for me to take on a stephen king novel, he's such a brilliant, brilliant writer. to take on his first piece ever written and most iconic, that was terrifying for me. >> wendy: did you prepare -- i understand a lot of you actors don't like to read the book of the movie.
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a lot of them like to get the script. did you read the book? >> i was all book. i had it on the set every single day. i had page and script and wanted it to be stephen king scary. >> wendy: the infamous blood scene. remember the prom? how long did you have to do that scene? and what was it. sugar and paste? >> we had different areas. first was water, food thickener, soap, and coloring. your hair turns pink if it stays in too long. so basically we had two takes of the blood dump so we had to keep it out of your hair. >> wendy: blood is your color? natural? or pretty much? >> i never had anyone touch my
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hair before. i woke up this way. >> wendy: you have beautiful skin. >> thank you. you have beautiful skin. >> wendy: thank you. for taeenagers -- >> i've grown out of it. i'm very lucky. i've had problematic skin and eating well and changing my life has helped. >> wendy: stick arnd we're going to her best scream scene. it's going to be fun. don't miss it.


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